Thursday, January 5, 2017


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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hare, a piggy bank.

The idea of ​​the book "Live box" by Anna Padberg

1. Glue the cardboard box lid plaster. Turn the box and make the cut at 2 cm from the edge. The slot should be about 4 cm long and 1 cm in width, so there could easily throw paper money - "feed" the hare.
2. Prepared a box of white paint with a sponge.
3. Details of the stomach to carve out a rabbit from terry barhvtnoy paper. All the rest - of colored cardboard.
4. Glue the pink ears of the white, decorate the head of the dashed lines on the perimeter and points. Glue the eyes and draw the eyebrows. Then stick your head back so that the hare as it looked in the hole, through which it is fed.
5. Rotkleyte to muzzle the hare's nose and draw a mustache and a part of the muzzle, as shown in the photo. Glue the muzzle to the front of the box and just below the belly stick.
6. Tie a bow of pink ribbon and glue it to a rabbit with a button in the middle of sheevmeste.
7. Decorate the legs and handles on both sides and glue them to the body. Garnish with a hare points in the sample.